Spinnaker Furling

This is a topic for the future and I just wanted to get some thoughts down all in one place. I want to be able to sail Bolero in as wide a range of winds as possible. So I have been thinking quite a lot about light air sails. One of my hopes is to assemble a system that I can easily use in the lulls that can occur in between islands. My goal is to sail Bolero this season to determine what my light air requirements are and then decide on the type and size of spinnaker to use. This post will focus on the available spinnaker roller furling units that have come on the market. What I like about these systems is that I can store the whole system (spinnaker and furler) in a sail bag unless I need it and then use it as needed. But I can always get it below deck when I want it gone.

I am going to summarize my thoughts and information on 5 spinnaker furlers:
  • Bamar Roll-Gen (~$1900)
  • CDI Spinnaker Furler System (~$870)
  • Facnor FX 1500 (~$1084)
  • Harken Code Zero MKII
  • Schaefer System 650 (~$838)
One caveat. This is my initial investigation on spinnaker furler. All of this information has been obtained from the web from what I believe are reliable sources. But as of yet, I don't have any first hand experience. I will update this post as needed.


Design: Torsion Rope
Furling Line: Continuous
Drum Diameter: 5 inches
Weight: 8.76 lbs

The Roll-Gen is a continuous line furler that incorporates a caged drum to contain the furling line. It has the ability to be used with a quick release torsion rope or as a drum swivel system.

CDI Spinnaker Furler System
More info coming soon
Facnor FX 1500
More info coming soon

Harken Code Zero MKII

More info coming soon

Schaefer System 650

More info coming soon

Downwind Sail Options

North Sails

G-0 Gennakers
Derived from Code 0 asymmetrics used by winning Volvo Ocean Racers. Flat shape allows the sail to
be flown at tighter reaching angles.

G2 Gennaker
The largest and most powerful Gennaker we build. Excels in light-to-moderate running and reaching. Forgiving "sheet it and cleat it" shape.

G3 Gennaker
Our most versatile Gennaker. Same forgiving traits at G2, but in a smaller, flatter package. Great for light air tight reaching and running/broad reaching in all conditions.

Doyle Sails

Doyle has an interesting downwind sail that they call the UPS or Utility Power Sail. It is interesting because they claim that the effective wind range is 33-180 degrees AWA.

This is quite a bit more range than any other spinnaker I have seen. So I am a bit skeptical but also intriqued.