Funny How the Mind Works

It is funny sometimes how my mind works and how new ideas come to me. Yesterday I was assembling my anchor rode and I was trying to remember the marking scheme that Tim used on Glissando. I googled his site and accidentally stumbled on a neat cockpit table idea that he designed.

Basically he installed a deck fill and cover into the cockpit sole and tapped and screwed an aluminum pipe for the pedestal. He mounted a flange for the pedestal under the new table top.

Bolero has two elliptical hatches. One in each water tight bulkhead. The aft hatch will remain the fiberglass original. But Tim is going to remake the forward hatch out of a nice piece of wood. It occurred to me that this 24" by 16" hatch might make a nice sized cockpit table using Tim's method.

Some brainstorming, some emails and calls to Tim and the plan really started to take shape.

The forward hatch will be held in place by two snap apart hinges like we used for the anchor locker. This will allow me to hinge the hatch in a raise position and have access to the forward locker or remove it completely to use as a table top. The, soon to be constructed, cockpit sole will incorporate a deck fill. I also thought we could hook up the bilge pump to this deck fill plate. I had decided weeks ago to forego any though holes in the hull. The plan was to have a hose under the sole than could be lifted over the side as needed. Now I am planning to carry a length of hose that can be threaded into the deck fill plate when I need the bilge pump. This really simplify the logistics of trying to get the bilge pump discharge house out from under the cockpit sole.

The proof will be in the pudding but I like the way this detail is working out. Also I like it when things do double, or triple, duty. I also thought that maybe the short section of the two piece oar might work as the table pedestal but that may be pushing it a bit...