Color me Blue

This project has been a long distance affair which has been orchestrated with photos and emails. Through the year long process there have been a number of photos that I have anxiously waited for for various reasons.

The first was seeing a picture of Bolero on her new trailer at Tim's shop. There was a bunch of logistic hurdles required to buy the boat and trailer and for Tim to retrieve her. So it was with much glee that I got to stare at this one:

The next two photos were Tim's mockups. Even though I had spent countless hours laying out this conversion on drawings and sketches, the proof was still to be found in Tim's shop. I breathed a big sigh of releif when I saw that sitting headroom was going to be possible and that the overall concept was looking very nice.

The next great photo was the completion of the structural modifications. This was really the first time that I could see how she really looks. Both the 2D drawings and Tim's cardboard mockups were pail approximations of the final result. There is just no way to simulate the richness of teak and mahogany.

This photo brings us up to the present. I have been waiting, not so patiently, to lose the original paint scheme. This is the week it is happening. Monday the deck highlights became Alexseal Snow White and yesterday the topside became Alexseal Flag Blue.

There are still two more photos that I anxiously await. A picture of Bolero all finish sitting outside Tim's shop. And of course the picture of her floating on her lines in her home port of Fisherman Bay.