Bolero Weekly Progress - 12 July 08

Wow! This has been a big week. It was all about paint. Tim managed three coats of Alexseal snow white for the deck accents, two coats of Interlux Interdeck custom beige (a mixture of white and beige), three coats of Alexseal flag blue to the topside and four coats of Alexseal snow white for the double boot stripes. There is still the bottom paint and cove stripe to go but this is a huge hurdle.

The goal is completion by the end of July. There are still a bunch of details left but it is a pretty fixed list. So everyday the list should get shorter.

I am, thankfully, finally getting my hands on some work as well. My running rigging order arrived so I am starting to layout, splice and whip lines as require. By the time Bolero arrives I should have a nice big box of new rigging and safety equipment ready to install.

I also had a chat with our travel lift operator, Mitch. The good news was that they can raise Bolero's mast while still on the trailer. That way I can do my rigging work on dry land instead of on the mooring buoy. The bad news is that he is on vacation the first part of August. Bummer. He is such an artist with a travel lift.

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