The Best Laid Plans

The original plan was to have Bolero home for a glorious summer of sailing in San Juans. Alas this just wasn't to be. With a bunch of work still to go and a planned vacation at the end of August I finally (and painfully) came to the decision that I needed to move her shipping date till after our return in mid September. This means, if all things go well, she should be here around the fourth week of September.

Even though I have occasionally pushed the sailing season into November, realistically it wraps up in October. This combined with the fact that I have some rigging work to do before I can launch means there is a chance that Bolero will no get launched this year. I will play it by ear. If things go well and I can get her set up pretty quickly we may just get crazy and launch for a couple of weeks of sailing and then haul her back out and put her away for the winter.