Bolero Weekly Progress - 7 June 08

We had a grand time visiting Tim and finally getting to see, touch and feel our "new" boat. After introductions and a bit of small talk Tim asked if maybe we might like to see Bolero. I then spent as much time as I could poking around soaking up the reality of this project that had only existed in my minds eye. I was completely amazed at how Bolero has met and exceed my vision of what I was hoping for. Oh, and sometimes she seems a bit fat and stubby from all those wide angle photographs of Tim's. Well she ain't.

Both the cockpit and cabin seemed positively spacious. Okay I am coming from a 24 foot Bluenose sloop but still. Sitting headroom in the main cabin was abundant with plenty of room to stretch our feet out forward as we lean against the aft bulkhead. The foot well is, however, quite narrow but workable. I did worry that the cockpit would be too small with the tiller installed but it felt quite comfortable as well. Although Bolero is only 2 1/4 inches wider than my old Bluenose (at 6 feet 5 1/4 inches) she is 6 ft 9 1/2 inches longer and this make a huge difference. Bolero really feels nice.

Hard to actually show the interior but here are a few pictures of the cockpit and cabin.

Tim and I discussed many of the questions that I had prior to our trip and many more. Here is my summary of some of these issues. Again, in no particular order.

Toe Rail

We settled in on concept #4. This is still hard for me to vision what the final outcome will be without seeing the real varnished teak from a bit of distance. The toe rail will incorporate some method to drain water over the side and I will mount brass eyelets on the inside to secure the mooring cover.

Mast Partner

After some discussion we are pretty much copying the current Shields class idea of a square frame glassed into the deck for the mast partner. This will allow us Tim has already begun work on this.


Tim and I talked a fair bit about rigging. I am not sure about what direction I am going with respect to spinnakers so we are going to postpone those choices. So I am looking for the following capabilities:

  • Three Halyards (Main, Jib & Spinnaker)
  • Backstay adjustment running above the deck.
  • Jib Tracks, winches and cam cleats on the cabintop
  • Traveller with all controls above deck
  • Boom vang and a Boomkicker rigid vang
  • Outhaul and Cunningham
I am starting to finalize my rigging plans so I can get the hardware to Tim and I can start splicing lines.


I love it when a plan comes through and the oar plans look great so far. Tim and I did a mockup and found a good location for the oar locks. The oar locks will be mounted on pads, port and starboard, adjacent to the toe rails located between the 2nd and 3rd seat brackets. A brass rub strip will be used to protect the top of the coaming. I have ordered oar locks and sockets and Tim will find a way to prevent water leaking into the cockpit from the holes in the deck. The two pieces of the oar will be store up under each side deck in some fabulously creative way.


We plan to make our own canvas so it was nice to get a feel for what lays ahead. I have ordered a Sunbrella catalog and I will order our cockpit fabric so we will be ready to start sewing when Bolero arrives.

Paint & Striping

As I have mentioned before we are going with a Alexseal Flag Blue topside and epaint EP-ZO white bottom paint. Tim is going to strike a double bootstripe. At this point it looks like we are going to carry the bottom paint 2 inches above the design waterline and then use 3/4 inch white stripes with 1/2 inch spacing. This is idea will be probably be flexible until the tape and paint goes on.


We talked a bit about the best way to a fix the name on the very small transom. At this point I would be quite surprised if I got it done this year. Most probably it will be added to my already started winter work list. The current idea is 2-3 inch tall letters in a slightly arched pattern to account for the arch in the transom as well as create a small visual arch. Bolero will be in simulated gold leaf with white outlines.

Bilge Pump

As per the existing plan the bilge pump will be mounted below the cockpit grate. After discussing how to run the exit house to the transom we decided to forgo a permanent exit in lieu of retractable house that stores beneath the cockpit sole. Tim is constructing the cockpit grate to allow the exit house and the pump handle to be in place with the grate reinstalled.


Having spent a fair bit of money modifying the original Shields mainsail (reef points, draft stripes and logo) I wanted to take a quick look and feel. It didn't take long to come to the realization that Shields class mainsail don't have luff slugs. They utilize a continuous bolt rope. So the mainsail is back off to the sail maker since I can't easily reef without slugs. The mainsail is one of those 20 - 20 hindsight instances. If I new how much all the modifications would have cost and seen the actual sail I probably would have gone with a new one. But... we are where we are.


Many Shields class boats have twin compasses mounted in the side decks. Bolero's original compasses weren't in too bad a shape and I quite like the location of side deck mounted compasses. Tim and I played with the possitioning and decided to mount them midway between the toe rail and the coaming adjacent to the 1st seat bracket. It is great when something is nice enought to put back on Bolero.

Deck Hardware

Pretty simple deck hardward. Two boat cleats along the toe rail just aft of the anchor locker and one stern cleat. We will also be adding various brass rub strips where need to protect the wood.


After a bit of him and hawing I am back to my original idea of a boom vang and a Boomkicker. It will be tight but Tim and I think I should be able to squeeze it all in.

This has been a very busy week with a fair bit of progress.

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