The Future of Knockabout Sloops Blog

I have spent a fair bit of time this week working on shipping arrangements for Bolero. Although that date is still some time away it is actually becoming a date. With that in mind I have been contemplating what to do with this blog. All along I have used this blog as my personal resource for managing and organizing my Bolero Knockabout conversion. This combined with a few of Tim's sites are my central resources for most of my information. For some reason it has been easier for me to organize it here than on my own computer.

In light of this transition from a working project to an actual sailboat, I have decided, for a number of personal reasons, to continue my blog as a private resource. I expect to fully blog the rest of the project, the delivery and a few posts of the launching and the initial water trials. So this transition is still months away. My best guess is that I will close this blog in late July.

I wanted to give my faithful 40 daily visitors ample warning.