Bolero Weekly Progress - 10 May 08

One of the more challenging aspects of this project is knowing when something is an issue or whether it is just a case of me being 3000 miles away from Tim and his work. This may be the case for deciding on the toe rail profile. As I mentioned last week I quite like the profile number 4 that Tim milled up.

My problem is that "I quite liked" and "I think we nailed it" are worlds apart. So, in what has become a typical scenario on this project when this distance exists, I get cranky and rant to Tim. For some reason I think that profile number 4 looks a little fat and bulky for the sleekness of the Shields hull (yes, I am already enrolled in obsessors anonymous). With that in mind I took the concept is a different direction and created one piece concept that tried to emulate a more traditional two piece rub rail and toe rail.

There was something about this look that I liked so I took a sketch and made an approximate mockup out of some scrap. I didn't quite have the router bits I needed so the rub rail curve seems a bit too rounded to me but this mockup did allow me to visualize a bit. I also need to deepen the deck rabbet to allow room for the deck screws.

Having seen and held this mockup, I "sort of like it" as well. Still my socks have not been knocked off. And Tim tells me that I am allowed to be wowed and that the "devil is in the details".

Tim passed along a nice example of a Hinckley Picnic Boat which has a similar toe rail to the rounded concepts that we have looked at. Nothing wrong here.

So we are still hashing this out.

On another note, we are planning a visit to Tim's the first week of June. This will be the first time that my wife and I have will have seen Bolero or met Tim. It strikes me as closing the barn door after the animals have escaped but the visit should be fun. I plan to kick a few tires and act important but I will probable just end up staring at the beauty of the Shields hull and Tim's handiwork. Well I can think of a lot worse ways to spend my time. Update: It does actually look like something helpful and productive might come from our visit, the toe rail decision. With all the mockups and drawings it seems the best way to decide is to see the concepts in person.

Also, we have selected a shipper from from uship. We selected U-Save Boat Transport (uship id: boats). I picked them because they had perfect feedback and Erwin makes frequent trips to the Pacific Northwest and knows the area well. I have arrange from him to bring Bolero all the way to my Island and having familiarity with our ferries systems seemed like a plus. But really I selected them because I liked what I read and the email interchange I had with this husband and wife shipping team (Ewrin & Melissa). Obviously the proof is in the pudding and I will undoubtedly blog about that pudding in the future.

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