Bolero Visit

In what seems like a major case of closing the barn door after the animals have escaped, we are going to visit Tim's this week and have a look at Bolero. At first this seemed mostly like a way to waste some of Tim's time while I sit and stare at this boat that I never seen but coveted from afar. But after some thought, discussion and rationalizing there are a number of topics that can't be easily answered without us being on the boat. So I have started a list of items that we hope to resolve, or at least discuss, while we are there (in no particular order).

Oar lock position and mounting and oar storage.
This is pretty self explanatory. I am trying to find a convenient and strong place to mount the oar lock. The sort of obvious place in on or near the toe rail but that has some problems as well. I need to actually work the oar and see what the boat geometry looks like.
Foredeck hand rail
All along I have been attracted to the classic foredeck hand / foot rails found on boats like Sparkman & Stephen's Gimcrack or the Luders L-16. There are a number of reasons that I am drawn to this concept. First I just think it adds a classic look to this type of boat. But also these boats had pretty huge foredecks and I think that walking from the mast to the headstay would be much easier with a solid place for your feet or hands. In addition I like the idea of being able to tie the jib down to the deck. But... I need to see a mockup of this in person to be sure.

Sheet winch, jib lead cars and track location
Basically just a prelimary chat with Tim about rigging preferences. There has been enough changes to Bolero that the existing hardware will need to find new homes and I also have some preferences in mind.
Toe / rub rail design
Well I envision this will be me throwing a temper tantrum until we find something I like or I like what I finally get to see in person. Should be interesting.
Boom vang and rigid vang feasibility
I want to try and see if I can actually fit a boom vang and rigid vang on Bolero now that she has a small cabin. It was tight before so I just don't know. I may poke around the mast and boom hardware with a tape measure. I really want to find a way for this to happen.
Shake Tim's hand
Tim has brought an incredible amount to this project and I just have to meet and shake his hand (well and maybe have a drink or two). It is not often that I meet someone who is talented enough and crazy enough to take on and succeed in this type of project.
I am taking my camera and lots of memory so expect a full field trip report with plenty of pictures.