You Can't Buy This. Well Maybe You Can!

Often this project seems crazy. I mean who would spend this much effort and money to build a 30 ft glorified day sailor? But apparently glorified day sailors are quite the rage. I originally set out to build something that I couldn't buy new hoping not to spend more than a new version of something I didn't like as well (does that make any sense?). My less than price goal has always been the Alerion Express 28 which sells for about 100k (I hope to be much less).

Although I think they hit the ball out of the park with this modern / classic design I think Tim and I will do better.

Well recently I was sent this link to Ames’ Point Boatworks which is building a new version of the classic Camden Knockabout.

Well here is her description from the Ames website.
The Camden Knockabout is one our recent projects. The hull design will remain true to the original lines of the Camden Class Sloop, drawn by B.B. Crowninshield in 1915. The underbody, rig, and cockpit have been modernized by the experienced yacht designers at Brooklin Boatyard located in Brooklin Maine. Having proven their abilities to produce beautiful, fast, functional Spirit of Traditional boats in the past, we are thrilled to be producing another modern classic day sailor of their drawing.

The Camden Knockabout will be cold-molded with veneers, epoxy resin, and sheathed in fiberglass. The cockpit has been re-drawn so that it self-bails, a feature that many light day sailors of that era lacked. An inboard diesel with sail-drive will supply additional push when the breeze isn't cooperating. A spade keel, carbon fiber mast and rudder will help drive this elegant day sailor around the buoys or up the coast at the front of the fleet.

The Camden Knockabout will be finished in yacht style with Teak and Mahogany accents, coamings, and cabin top. She will certainly turn heads on the water, and at any dock she occupies. With LOA 28' 3", a displacement of 3743#, and SA/D of 25 this boat will be a joy sail on a leisurely afternoon, and a lively competitor in any race.

Okay, well this ranks right up there with the vision that I am working towards. But the price I heard was 195k so I guess you can buy a new Knockabout Sloop. Just dig deep.