Happiness is Real Chainplate Knees

In my past life I worked as a aerospace structural engineer and the nicest thing I can say about the original Shields deck mounted chainplate fittings is "they suck". Sorry if I offended anyone but that is a technical term. The original Bolero chainplates are fastened directly to the deck with this fitting.

And backed up by this:

There is apparently some glass reinforcement that is suppose to help the large shroud loads work their way around the corner, through the hull deck joint and into the hull. Let's just say it didn't work. There have been a number of articles written about this weakness and possible repairs. In Bolero's case the deck had separated from the hull on both sides. A previous owner had "repaired" it by filling the voids and re-glassing the joint. Unfortunately, although the repair was thorough, it left a visible bulge in the sheerline that Tim will now have to cover up with a creatively sculptured toe / rub rail.

But I am straying off topic big time. The beauty of this modification is that we don't have to stay "class legal" and can make "improvements" when it makes sense. Early on I knew that I want a true structural chainplate joint. I briefly considered external hull mounted chainplates but settled on traditional internal chainplate knees. Well here they are and they make an ex structural engineer very happy.