Bolero Weekly Progress - 5 Apr 08

Tim took a short vacation this week, but not before he create one of his infamous "Whitefield Mahogany" mock-ups of Bolero's cabin options. He modeled two different option. The first with the porta potti forward by the mast facing aft and second with the porta potti next to the cabin bulkhead facing forward.

Well let's just say that I hated both of these options. I wanted a clean open feeling cabin that was functional and stunning and this was not it. The forward location was to much of an eye sore and the aft location reduced the cabin space to an unacceptable level. As is typical when we hit what seems like an insurmountable obstacle I think the worst for a while and start to think that I just don't get what I want and I have to settle. Settling is not something that I do well. In this case my wife and I had decided to drive out to watch the Women's NCAA Basketball game in Spokane. Early the morning after the game I woke up and reread Tim's log with these mock-up pictures. I thought there must be another way. So I fired up Google again and started searching. Well of course there are other solutions to portable toilets. I will talk more about those option in another post but we quickly decided that the porta potti was out. I couldn't wait to let Tim know that he had a clean slate with the interior. Although nothing gets to happen until he returns but next week should be fun.

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