Bolero Weekly Progress - 26 Apr 08

With the cabin concept firmed up, Tim and I had a long conversation about the cockpit layout. From the start I had envisioned an open cockpit layout with bench seats. I quite like the styling of this type of cockpit but Bolero also promises to be a wet ride at times. So I felt that slatted bench seats would be a very usable solution. The only real dilemma was how to layout the slats. The first option was to have the seat slats start at the hull and maintain the hull contour as they came inboard. It took me a while to figure out that this wasn't quite what I had envisioned. What I want is for the seats to have the same contour as the coamings. So Tim is going to layout a 4" tall fiddle (for foot bracing) mounted on the seat bracket just below the cockpit coaming. The seats will then maintain that contour inboard as well as outboard towards the hull. The will likely be a bit of discussion as Tim lays this out.

Tim laughs at me as I continue to predict that we are almost out of hurdles. But this time we are really over most of the conceptual hurdles. In my mind there are maybe three left and they are pretty small. These are the bilge pump location and plumbing, the toe / rub rail and the rigging modifications.

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