Bolero Weekly Progress - 19 Apr 08

With the cabin structure construction well under way this week Tim and I spoke about schedules. He also sent me a brief list of the remaining tasks.
  • Interior trim, ceiling, and joinerwork as needed (including cabin sole)

  • Build cabin overhead/ trim and finish as needed

  • Toerail and other wood deck trim (aft hatch, etc.)

  • Cockpit seating and cockpit sole grate/bilge pump installation

  • Hull and deck paint; interior paint (lockers, berth, bulkhead, etc.)

  • Details--Deck and sailing hardware
It is still premature to estimate a completion date but the remaining tasks are becoming well defined. The last remaining concept that I need to visualize and give input to Tim is the cockpit layout. I don't anticipate any issues here at all. First off, I really like the cockpit Tim designed and built for his Daysailor.

And second, the cockpit is one of the pace where the Shields actually have a "bit" of room. I would also like to have storage under the side decks for my two piece oar and maybe some store shelves as well.

Project Stats
Total Hours - 348.50
Total Photos - 1126

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Tim's Total Time This Week28.75 hrs