Bolero Weekly Progress - 8 Mar 08

More structural work this week. Tim installed the new chain plate knees to replace the "crappy" deck mounted shroud fittings. The old fittings were actually bolted into the deck and the very significant shroud loads had to work their way around the deck / hull splice to get into the hull. Many Shields, including Bolero, have had separation between the hull and deck do to this poor design. During this process Tim discovered just how light weight the interior liner was so he removed it. Good riddances I say.

Tim is getting closer by the day to the "Wooden Boat" part of this project. All along I have wanted a wooden / fiberglass boat. That is I wanted a wooden boat with a fiberglass hull. In preparation for this exciting stage Tim created a cardboard template of the cabin bulkhead and has been laying out the coamings. This is the stage that brings the various parts of this concept together. I can't wait.

Project Stats
Total Hours - 230.25
Total Photos - 781

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Tim's Total Time This Week: 30.25 hrs