Bolero Weekly Progress - 29 Mar 08

During the early part of this week Tim trimmed out the cabin sides and bulkhead. After that, this week became all about interior layout and finding a suitable location for the porta potti. I had originally laid out a plan that situated the porta potti just aft of the mast facing aft. I had thought it would reside quite nicely under a beautifully crafted piece of cabinetry and remain invisible until its use was required. Well this plan looked fine in my two dimensional drawings and even look quite doable on Bolero with Tim's tape outline. But as soon as Tim put the actual porta potti in place its excessive height became apparent.

The real problem is trying to maintain sitting headroom, which is one of our highest priorities. This necessitated placing the cabin settee's at a certain height that ended up being well below the top of the porta potti. So this ended up being pretty bad news. I thought, and Tim independently came to a similar conclusion, that maybe the porta potti could be placed aft against the cabin bulkhead and face forward. Maybe incorporating it into a step / table.

My only worry from this photo was that the length of the cabin sole, which was already quite short, would become unmanageable. So I asked Tim if he could make one of his famous "Whitefield Mahogany" okay cardboard mock-ups of the interior showing the porta potti in both positions before we decided.

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