Calm Before the Storm

With Tim working on another boat in his shop, I have been on a bit of a holiday with respect to the Bolero project. I have taken the time to take care of some health issues (sinus surgery) and get some other chores done.

The only real Bolero news is the addition of two pieces of equipment.

The first is a nice Optimus alcohol Sea Swing stove, another ebay find.

This stove was in pretty nice shape and lite right up. But it leaked quite a bit and needed cleaning so I order all of the rebuild parts and gave it an overhaul.

The other equipement purchase was a older but restored Pfaff 130-6 heavy duty sewing machine. I bought this machine off ebay from Jay who seems to make restoring these machine an art form.

Our goal is do our own canvas work including cabin cushions and the mooring awning. This Pfaff is capable of zig zag stiching so I may even attempt some sailmaking or sail repair.

I say it is the calm before the storm since I know that when Tim resumes work on Bolero things will start to happen very, very quickly. Although there are still many decisions to make a bunch our behind us. In addition Tim has done much of the prep work required for reassembly. The upcoming work is the fun work for Tim, at least that is what he says. For me it will be the culmination of a vision that I have been pursuing for a couple of years. I will be both excited and nervous as it unfolds.