Sparkman & Stephens Gimcrack

In many respects Sparkman and Stephens Gimcrack represents the core of the inspiration for my Bolero Knockabout Sloop concept. She was designed by Olin Stephens to obtain the commission for the International One Design, IOD, class. This class was founded by the legendary yachtsman, Cornelius Shields. Ultimately Sparkman and Stephens didn't win this commission and Gimcrack became the prototype for the Dark Harbor 20.

The yachting world is a small one, so years later when Cornelius Shields went looking for successor to the International One Design class he selected Olin Stephens to design his new Shields Class.

So it has seem natural to me all along to create my Knockabout Sloop concept based on this family of boats. An old Shields became the hull and the Gimcrack / Dark Harbor 20 became the inspiration for the cabin modifications.