Oars & Oar Locks

One more issue that I have been ducking is a proper rowing setup. On my Bluenose I had a borrowed oar and a make shift oarlock. My goal is to have better rowing ability but not need it as often since I also hope to have a more versatile sailboat.

My plan is to row standing, facing forward with just one oar (which I just learned is Venetian style). Here is a sketch of what I am thinking about.

So that the oar will be easily stored I have decided on a Carlisle 2 piece 10 ft oar. This oars separate in two pieces, 58 in and 34 1/4 in, and is made from plastic coated 2 inch diameter aluminum. They are designed for river rafting. I am hopeful that I can find these in black which should be a bit more neutral.

The oar blade is sold seperate. I am thinking about going with their Outfitter 6 1/2 in blade.

I think that there might be an opportunity to use this interconnection sytem for other boat item. The boat hook comes to mind. With the removable blade I am also considering using the shaft for a ridge beam for the cockpit awning. But that is a ways out.

Okay, the hard part -- oar locks and oar sockets. I would like to find a strong place to mount an oar socket that mantains the watertight deck and is removable when not in use. My first thought is mounting on or just inside of the toe rail. But this would likely put a hole in the deck which would result in water in the cockpit when the rail is buried. I am still working on this one but I am curious about these oar lock from Barkley Sound Oar as they look like they have a bottom in the oar lock socket.

I don't know if the toe rail would be thick enough to mount this socket from Binnacle Marine. It looks like it could be pretty strong with four bolts going through the toe rail and the deck.

Ah, but wait. For the small pittance of $394 you I could have these beuatiful Hinging Bronze Outriggers from Whitehall Rowing.

I do think that I might have found an interesting oar lock. This is the Sawyer Cobra oar lock and I like how beefy and wide it is.

I have been doing most of my window shopping at altrec and NRS.