The Emperor's New Clothes

After about a month of steady work at Tim's, Bolero has the following tasks mostly behind her. Actually, many more, these are the highlights. The full story is here.
  • Hardware Removed
  • Deck and Cabin Outlines Laid Out
  • Cabin Mocked up
  • Interior and exterior sanded
  • Anchor locker mocked and door cut
  • Sand and fill deck and topside
  • New cockpit and cabin under deck cleat installed for future structural additions.
So on Wednesday Tim applied three coats of Alexseal high build primer.

Here is Bolero shortly after moving into Tim's shop.

Transformation is understatement.

And here is some eye candy and inspiration. This is Tim's Triton Daysailor project after the cabin and cockpit have been built with fresh topside and deck paint.