Bolero Weekly Progress - 22 Dec 07

This was a relatively quiet week as we transitioned into the Holiday season. It seemed filled with logistical issues. I plan to replace the running rigging myself so Tim package up the old stuff and sent it to me for a late Christmas present. As an early present the wood order arrived. It was nice to see the beautiful raw materials that will complete Bolero's transformation into the modern Knockabout Sloop that I have envisioned. Although I have learned that you don't get beauty for free.

Even in this short week Tim continued to knock off tasks that needed to be done prior to new construction. He continued his sanding and fairing of the hull and deck surfaces for eventual painting and he constructed new cockpit floors to replace the hole under the old seats. In addition he created the template for the anchor locker bulkhead.

Tim will be shifting his prime focus from Bolero to another boat in his shop, Iota. Iota is in for some structure repairs and hull and deck refinishing. So through the end of January the work on Bolero will become much more sporadic. The new cabin and cockpit construction is scheduled to start up again sometime in February. At least that's the current plan.

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Tim's Total Time This Week: 16.50 hrs