Ventilation Distraction

I spent some weekend time rereading Tim's Daysailor site in preparation for Bolero's cabin mockup which is coming this week. This will be quite an interesting week since there are a number of decision that can't quite be made until the dimensions of the interior are known. I have been working with pretty accurate drawings but the exact locations of the cabin floor and cabin top are still fluid until Tim creates the mockup.

So I spent a little time yesterday on a tangent, ventilation. In many ways I would like this little boat to act like a "big" boat. There are many systems that I am willing to give up, but then there are others I would like to retain. Ventilation is one of those systems. I have also been drawn to having few stunning details on Bolero. So as I have looked around for a way to incorporate ventilation I have looked for a way that that really stands out.

While I was looking at cowl vents on the Mariner's Hardware site I ran across this picture a dorade vent installation forward of the cabin on a classic style boat.

There is a lot I like about this installation. Although I am not sure about the scale (I sent for more info) I like the way they used a smaller dorade box and vent to keep everything about the level of the cabin top. This seems like it would reduce the tendency of the cowl vents fouling the jib sheets. I also like the trim piece that they ran in front of the mast. I roughed up a mockup and added it to my current sketch. I don't think I have it quite right but is good enough for the stare and ponder stage.