Staying Ahead

I rationalized the hours I spent planning and thinking about this project as an investment towards being able to respond to Tim's questions and make decisions in real time. Well we are a week in and that has worked pretty well. But I can already see areas where I wish I had spent more time. Here is a rough draft of the project plan Tim sent me a while back. We are through the first step and pretty well through the fourth.
Remove deck hardware and existing woodwork, etc. (Done)

Perform bulk surface preparation to hull and deck--paint stripping, sanding, filling, fairing, etc.

Refine cabin concept and mock up for review; change as needed

Deck demolition to make way for cabin trunk (Mostly Done)

Structural work: chainplates, deck reinforcement, cockpit reconfiguration as necessary, and so forth

Construct cabin trunk and interior; systems installation (as needed)

Final paint prep

Exterior woodwork

Final paint finish

Reinstall hardware to suit
Now I have some homework to get to regarding material choices and weights.