Measure A Lot, Cut Once

From the very start this project has been driven by aesthetics. That is converting a classic race boat into a Knockabout type sloop. I completely agree with the concept there are many ways to get it wrong but only a few ways to get it right. I have ideas of what I might like to have for an interior but none of those idea get a vote in the cockpit and cabin design and layout stage. They will have to fight for whatever space is available.

So Tim and I have been iterating the lines for the deck cutout trying to find the most aesthetically pleasing solution. I had originally created a cockpit that followed the contour of the hull and then tapered as the cabin approached the mast as shown in the top layout. This seemed a good start and I quite liked it.

In a case of what I like to call last minute tinkeritis I felt the need to widen the aft cockpit (shown above) right after Tim had drawn the original concept on Bolero. My thought was that this would provide additional cockpit seating space and I actually quite like the look in a 2D plan drawing. This had the effect of straightening the cockpit while maintaining the existing curvature of the cabin sides. Tim, however, was headed in the opposite, but more true to the concept, direction. He laid out the cockpit / cabin line using the three fixed points on the design, the aft cockpit width, the aft cabin width and the forward cabin width. This produced a more curvaceous cockpit and slightly straighter cabin sides. I think he hit the ball out of the park. Here are a couple of pictures of the concept from Tim's shop.

We are getting close to the all important and practically irreversible deck cut.