Interior Thoughts

One of the biggest challenges in this project is coming up with an interior that allow a "modest" amount of comfort without compromising the idea of the Knockabout design. For me the goals are simple yet extremely difficult.
The ability for two 6 ft adults to "comfortably" get out of the weather and have a cup of tea or a simple meal and to occasionally spend a night or two at anchor.
Well I have looked at this a lot and I am beginning to get a bit hopeful that we can find a way to achieve these goals. Here is a cross section just forward of the new cabin bulkhead.

I also did a mockup with an idea of using bench seats for the interior similar to those we are planning to use for the exterior. This was an idea that I had when I started to realize that there just wasn't going to be much space under the settees in the cabin. This is a quick and dirty first go that will change a lot.

One of the firm decision that has come from my weekend of pondering is that the forward watertight bulkhead is staying. I have gone back and forth on this but in the end both of the original Shields watertight bulkheads will remain. This is actually a reassuring feature since Bolero will now be broken into five discreet sections. 1) The aft watertight compartment. 2) The open cockpit. 3) The cabin. 4) The forward watertight compartment and 5) The small anchor well compartment.