Cabin Mockup

The last couple of days has been filled with overeating and sitting and pondering the mockup of Bolero's new cabin. Tim finished the cardboard cabin mockup on Tuesday but we both wanted to see Bolero from a longer distance and at various angles. Weather and logistics finally let this happen on Thursday. You can find a bunch of pictures on his site but here are a couple of teasers.

Having the mockup finished during the Holidays has worked out great. It has allowed me the time to really let this design sink in. I plan to have another chat with Tim before deciding to go ahead with construction. I not completely done pondering but I am darn close.

The interior is surprising roomy in a cramp sort of way. What I really mean to say is that I am still hopeful that my modest goals for the interior are still achievable. Time will tell but it still looks good.

Oh, and that's Tim modelling beneath his handy work.