Thank You Geoff Marshall

One of the many challenges in trying to create a modern Knockabout sloop is sourcing out modern parts to build with. One that Tim was worried about was getting elliptical ports for the cabin. When I started looking around all I found was discouragement. I didn't find many options and what I did find was expensive. By chance I happen happened by one of the the Catboat fourums and found that many Catboats sported ports similar to what I was looking for. So I fired off a few emails looking at availability and sourcing.

Well Geoff Marchall of Marshall Marine emailed me early the next morning offering me two choices. The ones they used for their 18 foot Marshall Sanderling with outside dimensions of 11.5” x 6.25” and inside dimensions of 9.5” x 4.5” and the ones they used for their Marshall 22 with outside dimensions of 13.375” x 6.5” and inside dimensions of 11.375” x 4.5”. Wow, I had a choice and the pricing was very reasonable.

After a quick chat with Tim I emailed Geoff and place an order for four of his smaller ports. He quickly packed them up and sent them and a glass cutting template UPS to Tim with an invoice. They arrived the next day and they look fabulous. Talk about customer service.

I have always had a weak spot for Catboats and I sure like the way Geoff does business.

Thanks Geoff