Luders L-16 Knockabout

This is the first of two posts inspired by pictures sent to me by Mark (thanks Mark). This post is about a Doug Hylan modified Luders 16 name Elusive. I had heard of this modification before so I was quite excite when Mark offered to send me some pictures.

From Doug's site he states that he did a complete restoration with cabin, cockpit and rig modifications. Wooden Boat magazine also mention this Luders in issue # 177 page 54.

More than a racing boat: Doug Hyland adapted the L-16 for short cruises. He widened the cockpit, lengthened the cabin, and added an outboard well behind a new bulkhead in the after cockpit. A minimal galley and cupboards complete the arrangement.
He sounds like he was infected with the same virus that I have.

It was no easy feat replacing the georgous cabin that came with the original cold molded Luders but I think Doug did a fabulous job on Elusive.

I emailed Doug looking for some extra info but never hooked up with him. I would love to see a sketch or some pictures of the interior and the cockpit.