Bolero - Shields Knockabout Concept (cont)

I am still constantly refining and tinkering with the concept for Bolero. As I mentioned much of this is priliminary since a lot could change when Tim mocks up the cabin on Bolero in December. But these visual mockups are handy and will help me make the quick choices I will likely face during construction.

This revision if pretty minor. I wanted to add one more color idea (Alexseal Flag Blue) and I found a deadlight option we might use. These deadlights are a touch larger than the guess that I have been using but I like the way they look. Plus, they are available and not extremely expensive.

In many ways this Shields Knockabout is my small scale version of the magnificant racing yachts of old. And one of the ones that I really like is Cotton Blossom II.

This is the look and feel that Tim and I hope to get albeit on a less grand scale.