My Philosophy on Gear

Okay, they say gear doesn't matter. And for the most part I totally agree. One of my favorite quotes about gear is from Ansel Adams.

“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.”

But I fall into the group of photographers who consider photography an artistic craft practiced using tools. And those tools include cameras and lenses and such. So for me I search out gear that gets out of my way and lets me create the images that I see. If a piece of my gear doesn't make a strong contribution to what I want to shoot it won't get much use and will soon be replaced. The less I notice a piece of equipment the better I like it.

Unfortunately this means that every photographer will have a different "ideal" equipment list. But since I often get asked what kind of camera or lens I'm using I thought I would maintain list of my "current" gear. As I have 4 or so distinct type of jobs, I'll break my gear list into the following categories.