Post Social Media Update & A Giveaway

A quick update now that I've started down a path that doesn't include social media. But first a couple of film images that are just coming off the scanner.

Lanai - Kaanapali Beach Maui HI
Hasselblad 203FE + Fujifilm Velvia 50

Reflections - Friday Harbor San Juan Island WA
Mamiya 6 + Ilford fp4 Plus 125

Blog Posts & Spam

If you've been following me on Social Media and are now receiving my blog update through email or an RSS feed then things will be a little different. But not much. Here's a quick summary of what I'm thinking going forward.

  • I'll continue to post regular, but sometimes sporadic, images from the San Juan Islands and the various locations that I'm drawn to. But rather than an image here or there spread out in social media I'll tie them together in one blog post. If I've been to a location before, I'll post a link to similar galleries.
  • Images will be the highest quality and resolution that I think will load quick enough not to annoy. In addition I'll provide more info on camera settings and some of the inspiration behind the what, why and where.
  • Comments will be available, and encouraged, on all my blog posts. I do moderate them so it make take a short while for them to become visible.
  • Content won't get lost, it will always be searchable and you will see what you came to see. No more social media filters. If you're not enjoying my content it's quite easy to unsubscribe. But I'd love to know why, and how I could improve.

Preview of things to come

One of the reasons I pushed back from social media is that I wanted to create more content for my website. I typically have a half a dozen or so "draft" blog posts waiting for me to finalized and proof. But finding the time has been the challenge. Here's a partial list of things in the queue.

  • Maui Winter 2018 Film Reveal
  • Choosing a Camera Sensor, or Film, Size
  • Should Photographer's "Share" the Location of Their Images?
  • My Favorite Hawaiian Beaches (Part 1 of ?)
  • Story Behind the Image - Milky Way Over Center Church
  • Responsible Aerial Photography
  • And (Insert your suggestions here)


I'm incredibly thankful for the amazing support I've receive so I'm hopeful that from time to time I can give a little back with a giveaway. And no time like the present to start.

Turns out that I had one extra copy of my 2018 Calendar hiding on a shelf. Okay, I know, we are three months in. But my calendars have always been about the images.

If you're on my email list you're automatically entered to win. I'll draw a random name on April 15th (has to be some good news that day) and contact the lucky winner via email.

It'll ship free and just show up at your door.



If you've read this far and followed me here and on social media I thanks so much. It's been a huge pleasure. If you have any comments, suggestion or even critiques or criticisms, I'd love to hear them. I'm not totally set in my ways. :)