Newsletter # 1 - Spring 2017

It's been a crazy busy spring and my commercial work has had me heads down so I've been a bit absent from social media and blog posting. But here's a quick update and a coupon for 25% off on notecards to thank y'all for your patience and great support. Just type in "Spring25" during checkout and you'll see your discount (Good thru the end of May).

 Photo by Beth Robson

Photo by Beth Robson

Landscape PhotographY, stepping back into film

For some time now I've been working hard to slow down and create images that capture the personality of a scene and my feelings of being there. At the same time I have been wanting to get back into working with film. These two paths crossed when I picked up an old Hasselblad 500CM and a couple of lenses (50mm & 150mm). Shooting film has become a great contrast to my busy digital commercial and real estate work and I've always loved the square format. The turnaround time is, understandable, much slower than digital but I feel it adds a sense of purpose that I can sometimes lacked shooting digital. I'll definitely keep y'all posted as this new/old experiment evolves.

As always, high-res version of my portfolio can be found on my website.


As I mentioned above it's be an amazingly busy and wonderful winter & spring for my commercial photography. I've added new clients and expanded my work on San Juan and the non-ferry served islands (Stuart, Big Double etc.). In addition I've fully integrate my FAA certified Aerial Photography into my commercial work.

If you want to follow along with my commercial photography I've update my Recent Commercial Work page and my commercial shot location map.


Image LIcensing

In addition to my commercial interior real estate work, I also license my images to businesses for their internet and magazine marketing. Here are a few place you may see some of my commercial and landscape images in the coming months.

Windermere Lopez Island Website
Coldwell Banker Showcase Book
Windermere Real Estate Book of the San Juan Islands
San Juan Islands Visitor Bureau

I'm also working on adding image licensing to my online to store to simplify the process of licensing my images.


  • Maui, HI - The first of our three trips to Hawaii for my wife's work and my first real opportunity to shoot film using my Hasselblad 500cm. I made lots of mistakes but thoroughly enjoyed the experience of slowing down hand metering the scene. And even with all the mistakes I still discouvered some amazing spots and shot some images that I'm quite proad of.  (February)
  • Austin, TX - I just returned from a trip to Austin for the wedding of my niece. Time for photography was understandably limited but I did manage to sneak away and shoot a couple rolls of film of the Austin skyline and the Colorado River. Mostly I shot two composition using black and white during the late afternoon and color negative film during sunset and twilight. I'm working on ideas to get my camera in front of beautiful cityscapes more often. (April/May)
  • Palouse, WA - I'll be heading back to the Palouse region of Eastern Washington at the beginning of June for a week with a two day stopover at Palouse Falls on the way home. This will be my third trip to the Palouse and I'm really looking forward to deepening my relationship with this stunning landscape. (May/June)
  • Mt Baker, WA - One of my major efforts this winter and spring has been to get geared up and in shape to take my photography further off road and explore more of the rural beauty of our region. My first planned trip will be to the Silver Fir area of Mt Baker.  (August)
  • Maui, HI - Itinerary TBD (July)
  • Kauai, HI - Itinerary TBD(October)


Shows and Viewing Opportunities

Bill Evans

Getting myself setup to print my images and gathering the required materials involved has been a much larger task than I had imagined. But a light is definitely at the end of the tunnel nicely provided by some hard deadlines with two opportunities to show my work locally here on Lopez Island.

The first is a show at our local Lopez Island Library from July 28th thru the 8th of August. The second is a show at the Hamlet House. I'm currently sorting through my image portfolio to decide what to print and frame for each show. I'm thinking black and white at the Library and showing my color long exposure at the Hamlet House. 

Website Updates & Coming Soon

I've had the great pleasure of helping some of our amazing local artists create and update their website using Squarespace, which the platform I use to create my own. Working with these amazingly creative folks has inspire me to put in a bit of time updating my own site. So I've slightly refreshed my website and updated most of my pages.

Social media is a great way to communicate and keep in touch but, to be fair, they butcher photography so the best place to find high-resolution versions of my landscape portfolio images or follow along with my commercial work is on my site.

And finally, thank you

It has been an amazing gift to connect and share my photography with some many wonderful new friends on social media and through comments on my website. It's a true gift that I never imagined that I'd receive.

Thanks, Bill