Top 10 FAVs of 2015

Here's this year list of my top 10 favorite shots. I'll post one per day until it's time to start shooting for next year's favorites. I've included my camera settings and a bit of the back story behind the shot.

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Flat Point Beach, Lopez Island, WA ( 16 February 2015)
Sony A7R + Canon TS-E 24mm/3.5
121s @ f/6.3 iso 100

This is a private beach on Lopez Island that I don't often get to shoot. But on this occasion I had permission from the property owner and the timing was amazing. I settled in on this composition pretty quick and patiently wait for probably an hour till the sun set and the sky exploded.

The sun was actually setting off to my right but with these clouds I was hopeful that I could get the color in the sky and the warm, beautiful sunlight striking the beach and coastline. I choose a long exposure shutter speed to smooth out the sea and create a mirror to reflect the glorious color of the sky.

Sometimes you go out and the light is so stunning you can't help but capture something compelling. This was one of those evenings.