Real Estate & Vacation Rental Photography


My goal is to provide high quality imagery to help you market your listing, business or vacation rental. You can read more about my philosophypricing & guarantee, see examples of my recent commercial work and review the services I provide below. I have working relationships with established real estate firms, individual business owners, home owners and property managers so there is an excellent chance that I can help you with you photography needs. Thanks so much, Bill Evans

Residential Interiors

The bread and butter of real estate & rental photography is the interior images and all too often these don't do a home justice. It's imperative to capture inviting images that show off the home's full potential. We give each room its own "photo shoot", including adding lighting and subtle staging, to bring out its unique features and beauty.

Exterior Images

While It's often the interior images that gets clients interested, the lead marketing shots are almost always an exterior photo. These shots need to be very, very compelling to ensure potential clients "click-through" for more information. So whether I need to mount a camera high on a pole or shoot from across the bay with a telephoto lens, I aim to capture that exceptional lead photo.

Sunrise & Sunsets

Nothing shows off the beauty of a home quite as well as an exquisite view shot. And the best view shots often occur during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. Although these shot can often require a second appointment, they are worth it.

Morning & Evening Twilight Exteriors

In the world of real estate photography, twilight images are considered the "money shots". The quality of the light 15 minutes before and after sunrise or sunset is absolutely magical and enhances the beauty of the home. Although twilight images are most frequently exteriors, the same quality of light also works to enhance the beauty of the interior.

Aerial Imagery

Aerial imagery can often provide the view of a business or real estate listing that you just can't get any other way. I am an FAA Part 107 certified UAV pilot and have been flying and photographing for over 3 years.


Real Estate Licensing – Products may be used by Client and Client’s multiple listing service for marketing and sale of the Property during the term of Client’s listing agreement or up to 2 years.

Rental Licensing – Products may be used to market the property for rental activity for a period of 2 years.


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