Flower Island

There is an idea, which I strongly subscribe to, that bad weather equals good photography. And as I review my images at the end of each year it becomes obvious that summer is my least productive time for landscape "keepers". In truth there are a number of reasons why this happens and the primary one is that Spring and Summer are busy times for my real estate clients and, thankfully, me as well.

And my busy commercial spring and summer also acts as a sort of landscape palate cleanser for me and gives me a bit of space and some time to recharge. So what I find is that come Autumn, my passion and inspiration is renewed. Which is a good thing since this isn't all sweetness and light. My penance for preferring the drama of our cold and stormy winter weather is some rather unpleasant shooting conditions that's hard on gear and, oftentimes, downright miserable to be in. But there is something about the harshness of the experience that transfers emotion to the final image.

Well that's my story anyway.