Reception - 28 July from 4pm - 6pm
Show runs from 28 July thru 8 September 2017

Our fabulous Lopez Island Library has a great tradition of showcasing local artist work. I've always thoroughly enjoy seeing these exhibits so when I was asked if I was interested, I was kind of honored and jumped at the chance. I'll be honest, it's been a bit of a mad dash to get all the details sorted out but it's been great to have a deadline to get my work printed, hung and displayed.

If you're around for the reception I'd love to see ya. But if not here are the images that I'll be hanging for this show.


My Lopez story is probably similar to many who end up on these beautiful islands. I came for the old sheepdog trials and never left. I was captivated by the beauty of these islands and the people and now 17 years later that still hasn’t changed.

So, it was only natural that my love of photography would inspire me to try and capture that beauty with my cameras.

Planned Spontaneity

But over the years I’ve learned that my style of photography is more introspective and less reportage. Meaning that in order for me to visualize and capture compelling images, I need to get to know a location. So often that means multiple visits, sometimes spanning years, experiencing various seasons and light.

I often fail to capture a compelling image and I tend to scout many more hours than I actually photography. But the many visits and failures helps me to develop a relationship with the location and eventually, I hope, create an image that conveys the sense of beauty and emotion that drew me to the scene.

I've been accused of planning too much and not being spontaneous, but I feel that getting to know a place allows me to take advantage when those delightful impromptu moments make their appearance.

My "Lime Kiln Lighthouse" and "Mud Bay Barn" are great examples of how this plays out for me. I spent a week travelling back and forth to San Juan Island to shoot the Lime Kiln Lighthouse during a blustery, stormy week one December. After so many visits and seeing the lighthouse with such varying light and I was ready when conditions came my way for the stormy shot I capture here.

My "Mud Bay Barn" image was the other end of the spectrum. This shot was a result of a "failed" plan. It was another winter day and I had headed out to Iceberg Pt but it was totally fogged in so I bailed and headed home. But I had scouted and photographed this barn many times before and "bad" weather at Iceberg Pt was perfect weather for this beautiful inland barn so spontaneity took charge for this capture.  

These images, any others, are available as high quality note cards in my store.