Sony A7Rii + 55mm f/1.8
1/60s @ f/1.8 iso 800

It's pretty obvious from the new title that I'm changing my weekly morning light project from a weekly to a monthly. I'll still be going out weekly as often as I can, but I'm going to start summarizing my shots monthly. Having weekly posts was too much of an incentive to post lower quality work than I would like. Especially with winter weather issues.

And winter weather  in the Pacific Northwest can be a set of extremes. Often we have one storm after another parading across our landscape. And there can be unpredictable but stunning sunrises and sunsets at the beginnings and end of these storms. But we can also get some completely clear winter days. And that's what this one turned out to be.

It was a calm still morning so I head towards Fisherman Bay with an eye towards reflections. 

Sony A7Rii + 70-200mm f/4
1/125s @ f/4.0 iso 4000

All my favorite images from this shoot occurred during the predawn light.

Sony A7Rii + 55mm f/1.8
1/200s @ f/4.0 iso 2500

Without clouds the sunrise was abrupt with a harsh light and I much preferred the softness and richness of the earlier light. And it's a bit rare for me, but all of these shots were handheld. So I pushed my camera into iso ranges that I almost never shoot. But the quality of modern digital cameras is really quite amazing.

Sony A7Rii + 55mm f/1.8
1/250s @ f/1.8 iso 400

It seems that there is beauty in every type of sunrise that the Pacific Northwest can throw at you. I guess it's just a matter of searching it out.