Having just wrapped up my year long Morning Light Project, I was projectless, for about a day. I like having a project based theme to help add a bit of discipline to my photography and push me in a direction that I might not otherwise go. So my next photography based project will be intimate landscapes.

So why intimate landscapes and how does that push me as a photographer? Well a quote that I stumbled on in my internet reading by Guy Tal pretty much sums it up.

The Intimate Landscape Relies on Vision, Not Opportunity

Which really speaks volumes to me as a photographer. As a landscape photographer I'll always shoot grand landscape and seascape scenes. But I know all too well that there is a subtle difference between capturing and image and crafting one. Sometimes it is far too easy to just record a beautiful sunrise or sunset than it is to capture the emotion and story within. Perhaps it's the difference between cotton candy at the fair and a gloriously prepared chocolate souffle.

I have dabbled with intimate landscapes before and some of the shots below are ones I have quite enjoyed. But I'm looking forward to being a lot more mindful of intimacy in landscape photography as this project progresses.

This will be another monthly gig where I'll post my favorite shots from the month. The images will likely be quite a bit different from my usual blog posts which should prove interesting indeed.