Waimea State Recreation Pier, Kauai, Hawaii (6 October 2015)
Sony A7Rii + Canon TS-E 45mm/2.8
0.8s @ f/5.6 iso 100

I captured 3 of my top 10 favorites from this year during the week we spent in Kauai in October. I think the reason, other the the sheer incredible beauty of Kauai, is that I spent way more time planning and scouting for this trip that I ever have before.

I scouted both this pier and the pier at Hanalei Bay and the Waimea Pier is by far my favorite. First off, it's pretty undiscovered. And second its location and direction are quite photogenic. In October you can have the sun setting behind it or from the other direction have the great golden hour light illuminating it.

And when the sun goes down, the milky way raises over the end of the pier. But that shot ended up further down the list. :)

Technique wise this was a pretty straight forward shot. I used my Canon 45mm tilt shift lens and I shifted down just a bit to place more emphasis on the motion of the surf. The only real complication was finding the "perfect" shutter speed that gave me the motion and blur that made me happy. In this case just shy of 1 second was pretty sweet.

The beach and pier are definitely on my list of Kauai locations I plan to revisit. I want to get to know this location really, really well. 

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