Milky Way rising over the Waimea Pier (6 October 2015)
Sony A7Rii + Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm f/2.8 ZE
30s @ f/2.8 iso 64000

My favorite image of 2015 was the shot I took of the Milky Way rising over the Waimea Pier in Kauai. It's tremendously gratifying as it is an image that's been two years in the making. The continuation of a journey I started two years ago during a long exposure / night photography workshop. 

Here's a few hits, and misses, I captured along the way.

My goal was / is to include the night sky into my vision of landscape photography. I want to have the night sky and milky way become a balanced element in my compositions. I appreciate the challenge of capture my night shots in one exposure so I'm always on the lookout for naturally occurring ambient light to lend a hand with exposing my foreground.

This shot was a bit of a challenge since the further out on the pier I went the more the waves shook the pier. So I found a happy middle spot and took shots between sets. For ambient lighting I had a couple of the park street lamps behind and to the left of me and the added fun of headlamps on the folks fishing. A pretty sweet night and great fun.