Aerial photography

I am excited to be able to offer aerial photography to my commercial and real estate clients. For a little over three years I've tested drones (4 at last count), worked on various photographic techniques to capture the best aerial images and patiently waited for the FAA to provide a path for drone pilot certification. That finally occurred in 2016 and I have completed the required coursework and testing to achieve my Remote Pilot Certification.

I think that aerial imagery has the potential to add quite a bit of value to a marketing plan. From real estate listings on exquisite property whose beauty just can't be capture from the ground,

To detailed aerial maps of farms and homes with multiple buildings,

To gorgeous, sweeping view panoramas,

You can read more about my philosophypricing & guarantee and see examples of my recent commercial work. My aerial imagery includes the same 100% guarantee as the rest of my work, if you don't use the image for any reason, you don't owe me a thing.


And a Short Personal Note

I'm also greatly enjoying this on a personal level since I've been an AVGEEK, Aviation Geek, for a very, very long time. I've loved everything about airplanes and flying for as long as I can rembember. I took private pilot ground school classes in my High School Aviation Class and followed that up with an Aerospace Engineering degree in College. My first job out of college was, ironically, working on UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), way back before they became the "cool" tech they are today. ("My" UAV, the TRA Model 324 launch starts at 5:45 into the video)

Along the way, when I could afford it, I took glider lessons in a Schweitzer 2-33 & Blanik L-13 (Not me in this video, although I wish it was).


And often my tasks meant working with and understand FAA regulations. So I was actually excited to dive back into the FAA world of rules and regulations as they applied to the new certification program for drone pilots. I had an idea that I could do a "quick and dirty" review and pass the required exam, but I wanted to dust all the cobwebs, so I signed up for multiple UAV courses and spent a number of weeks preparing for the exam and learning the ins and outs of:

  • Drone Laws & FAA Regulations
  • Weather & Micrometeorology
  • National Airspace System (NAS)
  • Drone Flight Operations & Communications

So now I can safely, and legally, combine my love of photography with my inner AVGEEK, to help promote your real estate listing or business venture.